Grocery shopping

What do they do different here? This.


Okay, Singapore has the same food scales in their grocery stores. But the difference is how it is manned. In Singapore there’s a personnel assigned to do the weighing and the sticking of the price. Here in Spain, this is done self-service.

You check the price of the food item you want and take note of the corresponding code for that item. For these white onions you have to press 88 in the keyboard.


Out comes the price. You stick it on the plastic bag that contains your food item.


I like this self-service style. I don’t know how it is in the posh exclusive membership supermarkets of Manila.

On the checkout counter, you will be asked if you want a plastic bag. They charge € .10 for large and € .05 for the small ones. In the beginning I used to buy the plastic bags cos I didn’t have an ecobag with me. Now I always bring one.


In case you’re wondering, yes I only bought 1 onion. Last time I bought a pack of five, I wasn’t able to use the others right away. They were growing stalks already as in really longs ones. 🙂


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