Movies are fun. Books are fun. Take your pick.

The Reader.


When this movie was released, it made noise during the Oscars in 2009 where it got several nominations and a Best Actress win for Kate Winslet. That time I wasn’t really interested in watching it. Even with its Oscars raves. I have gotten round to watching it last week. The day after I watched it, I was in the living room and browsing the book titles by the shelf, a particular green book caught my attention. I flipped it around and was surprised to read the plot very familiar with the movie I’ve just seen the night before. The brief moment of surprise turned to excitement! Yay! I got a Spanish book to read.


I usually read a book before going to bed. Lately this habit was replaced by movie watching because I don’t have any books with me. I just got lucky that my casera reads a lot like me and gave me the liberty to read any book I want which helps with my Spanish.

I’ve read 8 chapters so far. I take my time reading it because unlike English novels, I read out loud Spanish novels. As if I were studying. :-p


Books turned into movies. We have a lot of them. I hate it when a movie doesn’t give justice to the book like what happened with Confessions of a Shopaholic. I like the book. A lot. I was looking forward to seeing all the crazy shopping Isla Fisher would do. But no, the movie was no fun to watch. It will not awake any want in you to do some shopping nor stir any emotion of incredulity with her shopping habits. Completely disappointing.

This is the trouble sometimes with having read the book before watching its movie adaptation. By all means the movie should live up to the book’s standards. One good example is the Harry Potter movies. I’ve read the first five books and watched all the movies. Both were magnifique!


In my opinion, The Reader, as a movie, is riveting. Kate Winslet gave a powerful performance. I was preparing to wince when the delicate scenes arrived but they were executed perfectly. I have to hand it to her.


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