Fast Forward an hour

I woke up at 10:44 this beautiful Sunday morning. I closed my eyes and stayed in bed for a few more minutes. Then it hit me. It will be 11am soon and today was the start of DST – Daylight Savings Time. We have to advance our clocks by 1 hour which means that it’s already 12 noon. Dang! I was late for the noon mass.

I turned on my laptop to check the next schedule for mass. On my laptop I checked the additional clock I put which has GMT +8 timezone (Manila, Singapore time), it showed 5pm. Which means that the clock on both my cell phone and laptop are on automatic update. Whew! I can make it to the noon mass after all. Thank God!



This brings down the time difference of Spain and Manila to 6 hours. A much better news is… better weather of course. ¡Ya es primavera! Spring is here!



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