La joie de la cuisson

Wednesday night I cooked chopsuey since I have been wanting to have some veggies. It was back in Singapore where I have learned how to cook it.


I bought already chopped vegetables they pack in supermarkets which has a mixture of snow peas, carrots, cauliflower, peas, mushrooms plus this one I bought has asparagus. This is called menestra de verduras. The key here is to save time from all those chopping. I just had to fry the pork a bit, sauté garlic and onion, stiry fry the menestra, put in the stock, put the lid on and wait for a few minutes to cook. Easy as 1,2,3!

I seldom cook because I have to get into this certain mood to want to do it. Given my current lifestyle, I can’t cook as much as I want to. But I think when I have my own family I will cook more because one, I would surely love to cook for my family and two, I would have a well equipped kitchen by then (yes this is me dreaming).


This same night I cooked chopsuey I watched Julie & Julia. The movie is about Julia Child, a famous American chef whose cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking introduced French cuisine to America, and Julie Powell, who cooked her way through Julia’s cookbook and blogged about it.


Julia Child as portrayed in the movie is a cheerful, flamboyant woman who has fallen in love with the French way of life, in particular, their cuisine. Julie Powell on the other hand is facing a career crisis. A wanna-be writer who enjoys cooking, she eventually came up with the idea to cook all 524 recipes in the first volume of Julia’s cookbook in a year and blog about it.

I could also very well relate with her unhappiness in her job as a customer service officer. This period of being lost is when one needs most a support system. In Julie’s case it was her husband. They were having a conversation over dinner about blogs. The husband was encouraging her to start one and that’s she’d do great with it since she is a writer. Julie replies that isn’t true, she’s not a writer: “You’re not a writer unless someone publishes you.” Good point. Her husband’s witty response? “What’s great about blogs is you don’t have to be published; you just go online, press enter and there it is.” He’s totally right! Blogging is awesome.

I have also learned a french dish and its pronunciation, Julia Child’s legendary beef bourguignon, which was repeatedly mentioned in the movie. I should not miss it when I travel to France!


Eventually Julie was able to bring two of her interests, writing and cooking, together. I think it’s a good combination. I, on the other hand will remain to be more of the writing aspect. I can cook, just not full time. But someday I may if I remain confined inside my own house with a wonderful kitchen and someone to cook for. Bon appétit!


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