St. Joseph’s Day and Father’s Day

Monday, 19 March, was the feast day of St. Joseph or San José here in Spain. It was a non-working holiday. As was fitting for a Catholic country, the same day was also their celebration of Father’s Day. This got me thinking why our Father’s Day in the Philippines falls on the third Sunday of June when we’re also a Catholic country like Spain. Since the US also celebrates theirs in June that was the answer. We got it from Joe and not José.

In the Valencia region of Spain they have the Fallas as a commemoration of St. Joseph though there really doesn’t seem to be a connection. The celebration of the Fallas has its roots in the disposal of accumulated wood during winter by burning them at the onset of spring. I had to check online. The Catholic Church is just really very powerful then. They have aligned this wood burning custom to the feast day of St. Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters. They did the same with Christmas which was originally a pagan festival.


Okaaayyy… Before I further deviate from the topic, I called my dad on Skype to greet him happy Father’s Day. He was in a sort of St. Joseph “carpenter” role cos there were some renovation works on the roof of our house. Haha anything to connect carpenter with St. Joseph to Father’s Day, check!

This is my dad by the Merlion Park in Singapore. A happy, happy Father’s Day to him. I love him in spite of, despite of simply because he’s my dad. 🙂


2 responses to “St. Joseph’s Day and Father’s Day

  1. Hola Ryah! yes dumadami na. pupunuin ko talaga ang March. Thanks for all the help and dropping by! 🙂

  2. oh no! you have many posts already! just quickly browsed, but will surely read all once given the spare time! happy to see you! stay happy! enjoy! 😉

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