Barbacoa Foro

Friday was barbecue day!

This idea hatched during class. And because we are good MBA students (ahem) we actually translate ideas into reality.

The rest of the class headed off just past the bridge near the school. They will be preparing the barbecue while five of us who had class til 3pm will join them afterwards.


Bye for now Foro. We’re hungry.


Two minutes to our destination.


Evidence that there’s some barbecuing happening – smoke!


We had chicken, pork, beef patties and chistorra which is a kind of longaniza from Basque country and Navarre. Also present by the picnic table are chips and s’mores.

Here are the guys who did the actual barbecuing.

Iñaki and David



Winter wasn’t officially over but spring was just around the corner and had much to do with the nice BBQ weather we had.


Some classmates weren’t able to join us as they had to leave for the annual Fallas (English:Falles) in Valencia. But for sure there’ll be plenty more barbecue picnics to come.



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