International Potluck

Last Saturday we had our International Potluck. We all gathered by the German gals’ flat by Yamaguchi Park. In case you’re wondering yes it’s named after a place in Japan and is a sister city or twin town of Pamplona. Check out Wikipedia.

And now presenting the gastronomic feast we had from round the globe. Oh what a delight!


From Colombia we had arepas. It consists of ground corn dough with toppings of tomato, guacamole and chicken strips.


From Ukraine we had olivier salad. Pictured here together with the lumpiang shanghai I prepared.

When asked about the food I brought I explain that they’re like spring rolls only instead of vegetables we put meat inside. For this lumpia recipe I mixed pork and beef.


The Germans had prepared meatballs, noodle pasta and strawberry punch.


For dessert we had lamingtons from Australia. I wasn’t able to take a close up photo of it as I got preoccupied with eating but here it is behind the pasta.

I really loved the lamingtons! Easy to make too. It’s sponge cake coated in chocolate icing and rolled in dessicated coconut! Serve coconut-based dessert and you’ll win my heart!


Another dessert is pastel vasco, a traditional cake or pie made from creamy egg custard. The taste is similar to the egg pie we have in the Philippines which by the way is another favorite of mine.


From Peru, we had suspiro de limeña. The base is made of condensed milk and egg yolk topped with merengue and sprinkled with cinnamon. Highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth.


Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of the Indian dish. I think there wasn’t much to go around cos when I went by the table to taste it there was about only 4 spoonfuls left.


Of course when there’s food there’s got to be some drinks right? The Spanish had prepared sangría and 15 liters of it! Overflowing sangria the whole night. I have poured myself another glass from one of the smaller containers and found it too strong. When I told my Spanish classmate that the sangría mix from this particular bottle is stronger than the other container, she told me that it wasn’t sangría but another drink they brought – pacharán. It is liquor typical to Navarra with a slightly darker red shade than the sangría. I didn’t like it.

The Colombians served us aguardiente. It’s almost vodka-strong but with a more fragrant aftertaste. They also prepared a non-alcoholic drink called salpicón. A refreshing drink made from fruits and fruit juice.

From Peru, we had pisco. When I learned that it’s pisco I quickly asked if it’s pisco sour but it was a different mix of pisco. I really wanted to try pisco sour. It’s a must-try for when I go to Peru (someday).


      Now here’s our lovely group picture. Bottoms up!



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