Trip to the mercado

Going to the mercado is so convenient as it’s directly in front of my flat. I have taken a look inside before out of curiosity but didn’t buy anything.

But today I really had a purpose going there. I had to buy some minced meat for the Lumpiang Shanghai I will be preparing for tonight’s International Potluck.

I know how to say what I would like to buy. I just had to wait my turn. Then to my right I saw a lady take a number from a queue machine. You have to get a queue number and wait for it to be called. You have to say “yo” (means I in English) when your number is called. All along I was thinking “so this was what our Spanish professor was telling us when buying at the mercado.” But that time we all didn’t really get what he was trying to explain haha.

Last night I also had to look for lumpia wrappers. I went to the supermercado of El Corte Ingles and finally had some luck. What I found however were not the normal wrappers used for lumpia but this is the closest I found – Vietnamese Spring Roll wrappers.

And as to be expected of imported stuff, it’s expensive! 1 pack has around 14 wrappers and it costs €1.83.

Onto the other ingredients, I also needed carrots. I bought the already grated ones to save me time from having to finely chop them. Brilliant me! haha

Also found some sweet sour sauce for the lumpia. Though when I came home I realized I should’ve bought the agridulce picante – the sweet sour spicy variant (think Jufran sweet chili sauce). Oh well I will just buy some red peppers on the way to the German girls’ flat. That’s where we’re having the party by the way. But for now I have to do some serious wrapping!


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