Breakfast with some Filipinos

Last night when I dropped by Eroski supermarket I chanced upon some Filipinos. These Filipinos are not the citizens of the Philippines but they are chocolate-covered biscuits named obviously after us, Filipinos.

This morning I opened the packet to have some for breakfast. How does it taste? Typical choco-covered biscuits, nothing surprising or special. It’s much better when you put it for an hour in the fridge first as what the packet suggests.

How did it come to be named as such? From Wikipedia:
The Philippine National Historical Institute has stated “The cookies were inspired by ‘rosquillo’ biscuits produced in Iloilo and Negros and the Spaniards added another twist by coating it with brown or white chocolate.”

But what I find funny about this debacle on the name is the argument from the Philippine government that says it’s an insult to Filipinos. Lifted from Wikipedia:
The government of the Philippines filed a diplomatic protest with the government of Spain, the European Commission, and then manufacturer Nabisco Iberia in 1999. The protest took offense with the use of the name “Filipinos”, a term which can refer to the people of the Philippines, to market cookie and pretzel snacks and demanded Nabisco stop selling the product until the brand name was changed.

The resolution’s author, Philippine Congressman Heherson Alvarez, claimed that the name of the cookie was offensive due to the apparent reference to their color, “dark outside and white inside”. His resolution stated “These food items could be appropriately called by any other label, but the manufacturers have chosen our racial identity, and they are now making money out of these food items.” On August 26, 1999 Philippine president Joseph Estrada called the brand “an insult”.

The protest was filed despite Foreign Secretary Domingo Siazon’s initial reluctance on the matter. Siazon had reportedly said “he saw nothing wrong with the use of ‘Filipinos’ as a brand name, noting Austrians do not complain that small sausages are called ‘Vienna sausages.'”

I concur with former Foreign Secretary Siazon’s take on the matter. These politicians are just impossible, picking at every little thing just to pass as intellectual beings.

Whatever happened to the diplomatic protest? Well from the wide circulation of Filipinos in supermarkets here in Spain… What do you think? 😉


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