New horizons

I’m stumped. I have long wanted to have my own blog site but have never gotten round to doing it. Naturally the first entry is always the hardest so let me get that out-of-the-way. As I am starting this blog to chronicle my life in Spain let me start with that. 😉

Last month, February, proved to be a month of many firsts for me. I have moved to Spain, have started going to classes again, meeting new people, adjusting to the new environment (including the weather for I have arrived during winter), practicing my Spanish-speaking skills (a whole lot more now but still got a long way to go) and getting to know more the wonderful vicinity of Pamplona of which the nightlife, in particular, is something I’ve surprisingly gotten to know fast. 😉

There are just some things I want to put into writing. The past three years have been full of life-changing events; the good far outweighing the bad. With this new chapter in my life I’m all for making the experiences count. I am positively somewhere.


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